Eon decking and railing systems are an alternative to wood decking systems and are composed completely of plastic. The Eon decking and railing systems feature a wood grain finish. More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Trex decking is a composite decking material used as an alternative to wood decking. The decking looks similar to wood boards, but Trex uses 95 percent recycled materials to create the decking. More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Good materials for constructing decks include several types of wood – cedar, redwood and tropical hardwoods – along with pressure-treated lumber and composite, or synthetic, materials such as fake wood, plastic and even ... More » Home & Garden Outdoor
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Composite decking is created using a combination of different materials that include plastic and wood. These materials are processed to provide the look of authentic wood. The wood materials used to create composite deck... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Some different types of wood decking materials include redwood, cedar, tropical woods, composite and engineered wood. These vary widely in cost and their individual features. More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Homeowners can install wood decking by nailing the first board along the house wall and working outwards. It is also necessary to use spacers between each board and stop periodically to check that the boards are straight... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

International Building Code regulations state that a deck railing must be at least 36 inches high if the deck is 30 inches or more higher than the adjoining ground. Some states and municipalities adopt variations of IBC ... More » Home & Garden Outdoor