Environmental science is a branch of science that deals with the environment, the climate and ecology. Environmental scientists are research scientists who analyze and dissect environmental issues to find solutions for t... More » Science Environmental Science

Environmental science is the study of how living and nonliving organisms interact with their surroundings. It is inclusive of geology, sociology, climatology, biology and chemistry, just to name a few of its interdiscipl... More » Science Environmental Science

The timeline of environmental science is an rough estimate of the history of human scientific inquiry into the natural world. The first scientific exploration of the environment began in 1866 when scientist Ernst Haeckel... More » Science Environmental Science
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In ecology, a community refers to a grouping of species living collectively and interactively with the environment in a specified area, while the term biosphere refers to the total extent of all of the ecological systems... More » Science Environmental Science

The science of ecology, which studies the relationships between organisms and their environments, developed from multiple areas of study. Some of these include ancient Greek observations of natural history, the early wor... More » Science Environmental Science

Science may help solve environmental problems when laboratory tests are conducted to understand better the occurrence and most effective way of eliminating disease-causing microorganisms in the environment. Science is a ... More » Science Environmental Science

The subject of environmental science covers a very broad field of numerous different subjects like human health, global economies and the impact of technology on the environment. Environmental science is an interdiscipli... More » Science Environmental Science