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A roof overhang is called an eave. An eave is the edge of a roof that projects beyond the face of a wall, providing protection from the elements.


The benefits of a front door overhang are protecting doors and windows, protecting building foundation, providing shade and keeping rain away from siding. A porch overhang keeps door knobs from freezing in the winter, and an all-around overhang protects an entire building structure.


To install an entry door, clear the door opening, level the sill, position the door in the space, even out the frame with shims, secure the frame onto the jamb with screws, and seal the space between the frame and jamb. Testing the door completes the process.


To create a front door entry form, first sketch a design that suits your home or structure, using the architectural design of the structure, such as colonial, modern or craftsman, as inspiration. Create a scale design using graph paper by assigning 4 inches for each square on the page. Include the p


Some good roof framing plans for a house include the box gable, the skillion and the dormer. Good roof plans vary depending on their intended use. For example, good roof plans for a stable, such as the open gable, differs from what makes a good roof plan for a gazebo.


Measure the door opening, choose the preferred material, review energy ratings and match the door style to the style of the home. A quality entry door is a solid combination of functionality and aesthetics because it both protects the home and is a focal point of the home's exterior.


To install an exterior door, remove the old door, and apply a bead of caulk on the outer edge of the sill, 1/2 inch behind the sill and between the sheathing and door casing. Set the new door into the opening, use a level to ensure the door is plumb, and hammer nails into the pre-drilled holes in th


Compare steel entry doors by examining the appearance, durability, maintenance and cost of the doors. Steel entry doors vary widely on these features, and researching these features has a significant impact on customer satisfaction over the lifetime of the door.


When looking for quality entry doors, consider the materials used, your budget and the style of the door. Additionally, consider the size of the door, says Porch.


If your entry door is stuck, first examine the entire door to discover which points are sticking. If the door is rubbing against the door jamb by the hinges, place cardboard shims behind the hinges and try the door again.