Click in the open text box at the top of the browser, delete the current address, and type in the URL of the website you would like to visit. Press Enter to travel to the website. More »

A URL and a Web address are the same thing in Internet terminology. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator and is the full address of the website being accessed. The term "Web address" is the common way of referring to ... More »

A uniform resource locator is a type of uniform resource identifier and is the protocol used for referencing online addresses. The URL address is formatted with the protocol "http://" and a domain name. More »

To access archived websites, go to, and enter a website address in the URL text box. On the history page, put the mouse cursor on a date to get a list of available snapshots for that day. To see a snapshot, c... More » Technology Internet & Networking

To make Charter your homepage, open your web browser, enter the Charter web address in the URL box, navigate to the browser's Options page and press the button to set the current page as the homepage. The exact steps may... More »

The gain access to the Ubee router, open the Web browser and type in the default Internet Protocol address that the Ubee router uses in the URL address field. The Ubee router uses either or as t... More » Technology Internet & Networking

There are many ways to gain access to a blocked website, including loading the cached version of the blocked webpage, entering the IP address instead of the URL into the browser's search bar or using one of many proxy we... More »