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To put a buckle on a belt, unsnap the buckle end of the belt, slide the end through the metal loop on the back of the buckle and snap the belt's end closed. Check to ensure the belt allows for interchangeable buckles, as some do not.


Belts that take belt buckles typically have two metal clasps at the end nearest to the buckle. When buying a belt for use with a buckle, make sure that these clasps can be pulled apart and locked back together. Some belts have imitation clasps that don't open or close.


A standard buckle consists of the buckle and the post. The buckle is the square or rectangle metal portion, and the post is the thin piece that inserts into one of the holes punched into the belt.


Texas has a seemingly arbitrary law on the books that charges sales tax for some clothing items, such as belt buckles, but not for others, such as the belts themselves. This tax system applies to other things, such as rain boots, which are taxable, but not cowboy boots, which are exempt.


Tips on designing custom belt buckles include determining the buckle type to suit your personality, selecting the metal and stones to represent that personality, deciding if the buckle should have any engravings, and creating a design to suit your existing wardrobe. If hiring someone else to create


OReillyAuto.com, JCWhitney.com and SeatBeltsPlus.com sell replacement seat belt buckles. Access available options on OReillyAuto.com by entering "seat belts" into the search field on the left of the home page, and then selecting Seat Belts and Accessories from the drop down menu. Sort results by pri


To put on a cowboy belt buckle, slide the end of the belt through the buckle's clip, and button the belt before buttoning the buckle to the belt. You need a belt with two buttons at one end and a buckle.


Metal is usually engraved through a process involving a diamond drag engraving tool that pushes slivers of metal to each side of the tool so a simple message may be added to a piece of jewelry. Amateurs often mistake a particularly neat engraving for some form of printing process as the words are so


Ring engraving is the practice of inscribing words or images on a ring, usually on the inside of the band. Wedding and engagement rings are often engraved with special inscriptions written or chosen by the couple getting married.


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