The Spanish phrase "ciudadania gratis" translates into English as "free citizenship." It is commonly used in reference to the free citizenship lottery program that allows an immigrant to receive citizenship without the n... More » Education

The English translation of the words "traductor gratuito" is "free translator." Visitors to websites that offer free translations, such as World Lingo, may see the phrase "traductor gratuito" on its Spanish language page... More » Education

As of 2015, the Quran has been translated multiple times into English. Some places where one can find English text translations of the Quran include the websites and, as well as ClearQuran and the we... More » Education

The Spanish phrase "movies gratis en español" translates to "free movies in Spanish" in English. The phrase is an example of the linguistic phenomenon of code-switching, or the mixture of two languages over the course of... More » Education

The Spanish phrase "trailas gratis" translates to "free trailer" in English. The word "gratis" means free or complimentary, while the word "trailas" is a slang word for trailer. More » Education

The Spanish phrase "planos para casas gratis" roughly translates into English as "free house blueprints." Entering this phrase into a search engine results in several Spanish-language articles discussing how to make a bl... More » Education

The Spanish phrase "traductor en ingles a espanol" translates to "English to Spanish translator" in English. "Ingles" means "English", "Espanol" means "Spanish", and "traductor" translates to "translator" in English. More » Education