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A vehicle can get a P0420 engine fault code when its catalytic converter reaches a system efficiency that is below the vehicle's typical threshold. The driver of the vehicle can notice symptoms of the P0420 engine fault code by feeling if the car's exhaust has a reduced...


Caterpillar engine fault codes can be read with diagnostic software. This software is available at all reputable mechanics, or it can be purchased for use at home or on the road.


Checking an engine code requires an On-Board Diagnostics code reader and a list of the possible engine codes for the vehicle in question. After attaching an OBD code reader to the interface terminal on the engine, any engine codes can be checked against the list to dete...


Some Samsung washing machine fault codes include 5E, 4E and IE. Code 5E shows the machine has failed to drain water. Code 4E means there is a water fill timeout where the machine has failed to fill with water within the required time. IE shows that there is a problem wi...


Some microwave models have built-in fault codes to help users determine the specific issue if the appliance has a problem. Fault codes usually consist of letters and numbers that correspond with a particular component or part of the microwave.


Some Chrysler on-board diagnostic fault codes include P1195, P1196 and P1197, which indicate a faulty oxygen sensor. Other common fault codes include P1484, indicating an overheated catalytic converter; P1299, indicating a vacuum leak; P1390, indicating that the timing ...


Jaguar vehicles display many different check engine codes, such as P1777, P1720 and P1367. Fault codes in Jaguar vehicles do not display the details about a problem with the vehicle, so a fault code database is helpful to determine what each specific fault code means.