Engine casting numbers are identifying marks automobile manufacturers create on the block or head of an engine. These numbers are in the die cast mold and are part of each engine the mold produces. A stamped number on an... More »

The casting numbers on Ford engine blocks are located forward of the starter bolts to the bell housing, according to Classic Mustang. In some cases the starter will need to be removed in order to identify and correctly r... More »

The casting numbers of a Chevrolet small block camshaft are typically located in the center of the camshaft, between the valve lobes. The numbers may not be visible in a fully assembled engine. More »

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Both big-block and small-block Chevrolet engines most commonly have engine casting numbers located at the rear of the engine near the engine's interface to the transmission. The casting numbers are visible near the top o... More »

Engine timing marks are indicators used to set the timing of an engine's ignition system. They are usually found on the crankshaft pulley or the flywheel. More »

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Engine block heaters assure the engine is warm enough to start. Diesel fuel is harder to start in cold weather, therefore engine block heaters are helpful in colder regions. More »

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Engine ID number locations are typically found stamped on the engine. Engine codes on Honda engines are typically stamped into the side on a clear portion of silver metal. Depending on the series, ID tags on Kubota engin... More »