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The most common symptoms of heat exhaustion include faintness or dizziness, nausea or vomiting, heavy sweating, and muscle cramps, according to Mayo Clinic. Additional symptoms include headache, weakness or fatigue, rapid pulse and flushed face.


A performance exhaust system is a superior replacement for a manufacturer installed exhaust. These systems increase torque by speeding up the exit flow of waste gases from the engine and cylinders; this consequently improves gas mileage.


A car can backfire when fuel vapors ignite in the exhaust system or intake manifold instead of inside the combustion chamber. Modern computer-controlled engines manage fuel and spark delivery with exacting precision, making engine backfires in newer cars rare.


A backfire is caused by a combustion or explosion that occurs when unburnt fuel in the exhaust system is ignited, even if there is no flame in the exhaust pipe itself. Sometimes a flame can be seen when a car backfires, but mostly you will only hear a loud popping noise, followed by loss of power and forward motion.


Afterfire occurs through the generator’s exhaust and is due to a lean or rich air-fuel mix, a timing issue (late combustion), or a stuck exhaust valve. In this article I’m going to talk about what causes backfire and afterfire in a generator, if they can damage your engine, and how to fix them.


Sometimes the backfire can be from unburned fuel in the muffler too. If you shut off the old engines at WOT or higher RPM's, they spark goes away but the fuel keeps being dragged into the cylinder, and, unburned out through the exhaust. So in essence, you have fuel vapors in the muffler.


Why Would My Lawn Mower Backfire & the Exhaust Pipe Get Red Hot?. It can be disconcerting to hear the loud bangs of backfiring added to the sounds of normal engine operation, but you don't have to ...


The engine backfire through the exhaust ONLY and not all the time either ! Backfire through the driver side on the number 5-6-7-8 cylinders . The passengers side fire OK I think and gets hot on the headers and muffler like normal . NOW the drivers side exhaust is cool and the exhaust gasses are cool coming out the exhaust !


A backfire is a loud pop or bang sound that comes from your exhaust pipes when your motorcycle is running. A motorcycle exhaust backfire is an annoying and potentially dangerous problem to have. It can damage your ears if you’re in a confined space, or could start a fire as some backfires even emit flames, I’ve almost had my hand burned ...


What causes a 1973 Pontiac 350 engine to backfire through the exhaust? A large backfire is most likely caused by a bad spark plug or plug wire. Unburned air and fuel pumped into the exhaust will ...