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An engagement party is a celebration of a couple’s decision to get married. During the party, family and friends have the opportunity to congratulate the couple. The bride’s family usually throws the party.


The elements of a speaking engagement invitation letter should begin with the title and name of the addressee, followed with an introductory paragraph identifying the name of your organization, the objectives of your engagement and its scheduled time and date. Conclude ...


Traditionally, the bride's parents are responsible for hosting and paying for the engagement party. However, this tradition is no longer locked in place, and the party may be hosted by the newly engaged couple or any combination of family and friends.


The most important items that should be on a party invitation are the date, time, place, who the party is for and RSVP instructions. Any special party information should be included as well, such as the type of party, or if there will be a meal served.


The wording and level of formality of a party invitation depends on the formality of the event. A formal invitation may begin with "You are cordially invited to" or "Please join us for." It may also start with the names of the hosts, then say "request the honor of your ...


A Christmas party invitation should include an introduction, information about the party, date, time, address and who is hosting the party. This information should all fit onto a one-page invite.


To create a retirement party invitation, include a photo of the honoree and pictures of his hobbies and other favorite things. Additionally, include a humorous quotation that celebrates the event and include all of the pertinent information concerning the party.