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Through learning concepts of motion, force and energy, student will be able to design/demonstrate real life applications associated with concepts of momentum, inertia, Newton's Laws, acceleration, electricity and magnetism


If you apply a force to an object, you may change its energy. That energy must be used to do work, or accelerate, an object. Energy is called a scalar; there is no direction to energy (as opposed to vectors). We also speak of kinetic energy, potential energy, and energy in springs. Energy is not something you can hold or touch.


It's time to get a move on! Motion is part of our daily lives-riding in a car, playing a sport, even dropping a coin. The Smithsonian Science Education Center presents Energy, Forces, and Motion, an STCMS™ curriculum unit designed from the ground up to align to the Next Generation Science Standards.Science and engineering practices, teachable core ideas, and crosscutting concepts are ...


SOL 4.2 Force, Motion and Energy Moving Objects 1. Did you know that everything in the world can be organized into two categories or groups? These two groups are matter and energy. If something is not matter, it’s energy. Let’s investigate energy! 2. Energy is all around us. We can see it as light, feel it as heat, hear it as


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energy‐ the energy that is stored in an object. • Reference point‐ a place or object used to determine if something is in motion. • Speed­ the distance traveled by a moving object in a specific amount of time. • Unbalanced Force‐ a force or group of forces


Grades 6–8. In 9 lessons, students investigate different forces, how those forces change the motion of objects and energy, and the different forms energy can take. Unit materials are available as a 1-class unit kit (item #513001), 1-class refurbishment set (item #513004), 5-class unit kit (item...


There are many things around us. Some are in motion and some are not. The ones which are not moving can be brought into motion by applying force - a push or a pull. Motion can be of different ...


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This is a small video for kids explaining all about Pushing and Pulling - Force,Work and Energy. For more videos go to: https://www.youtube.com/user/learning...