An example of an endothermic animal would be a dog and an ectothermic animal would be a snake. Endothermic animals must generate their own heat to stay warm and ectothermic animals can warm up using outside sources like ... More » Science Biology

Invertebrates comprise between 95 and 99 percent of all animal species, so any list is bound to be no more than an overview of the group. Invertebrates are divided among eight separate phyla; it is almost impossible to g... More » Science Biology Zoology

As of 2015,,,, and offer alphabetical lists of animals. These sites do not require users to log in to access information. Some of the sites o... More » Science Biology Zoology
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An animal with a band of discolored fur around its torso is an example of a neutral mutation, because the discoloration has no effect on the animal's ability to survive or reproduce. This type of mutation occurs in both ... More » Science Biology

An example of parasitism in the rainforest is leeches and any animal. Leeches are parasites, attaching to and feeding off of the blood of animals. According to parasitic relationships, this benefits the leeches while har... More » Science Biology

According to the BBC, an animal can physiologically adapt to a new habitat. For example, a fox may adapt to extreme heat in order to survive in the environment. Most animals physiologically adapt by developing means for ... More » Science Biology

Good examples of biotic factors include plants, fungi and animals. Biotic factors are living things that affect or influence an ecosystem either positively or negatively. More » Science Biology