A species classified as endangered is in serious danger of extinction in the near future. As of May 2014, there were nearly 17,000 endangered species in the world, according to Endangered Species International. More »

Not all species of seals are endangered, but for the many species that are endangered, there are a number of different causes, including hunting, climate change and natural disasters. The populations of many seal species... More »

Tigers are endangered because of climate change, loss of habitat and poaching. Most of the reasons tigers are on the endangered species list are tied to human interference. The overall combined population of all five tig... More »

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According to the National Wildlife Federation, polar bears are in danger of extinction due to global warming. In 2008, the bears became the first vertebrate animal to be listed by the United States Endangered Species Act... More »

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The Center for Biological Diversity works to secure a future for all species of plants and animals on the brink of extinction through science, law and creative media while also protecting the land, water and climate need... More »

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Resource partitioning is the process whereby similar species exploit the limited resources in an ecological area without one species driving the others into extinction. Through natural selection, each species adopts a pa... More »

The blue whale is being protected from extinction through several conservation methods, such as being listed and protected under the Species at Risk Act and the Endangered Species Act. These laws protect blue whales unde... More »