Employees can write good self-assessments by highlighting their strengths and achievements over the period while being honest about their mistakes and shortcomings. They should keep their assessments concise and professi... More » Education Writing

Employee self-assessment forms can be used to overview what a person's responsibilities are at a company or as a way to persuade an employee to look inwardly at their strengths and weaknesses as a member of a team or com... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

Start your employee self evaluation with a quick summary of the work you completed during the review period. Then, add details about your major accomplishments and your problem areas. Finish up by relating your progress ... More » Education Writing
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Performance reviews should recap evaluations, good and bad, that managers made during the review period, lay out expectations for the coming review period and outline potential consequences if employees do not correct sh... More » Education Writing

To write a self-assessment, include details about accomplishments with tasks on the job or in the classroom, highlight strengths and weaknesses recognized during a specific time period and provide examples of how perform... More » Education Writing

Examples of employee self-assessments can be found on the Halogen Software Talent Space blog. The post contains a breakdown of the sections included in most self-assessments, including competency, performance goal and de... More »

Examples of self-assessments include questions that gauge the effectiveness of an employee's actions within the workplace, whether or not he is meeting his goals and his manager's goals and if he feels he is spending his... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR