Creative ideas for employee recognition include keeping a recognition book, using social media, recognizing employee passions and using the company website. Traditional employee recognition programs include gift cards, b... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

Employee recognition programs boost employee morale by communicating how valuable employees are to the company. Employees feel that management recognizes and appreciates them, and this often leads to increased productivi... More »

A good employee recognition letter should be personal and well-timed, and should reach the recipient through proper means. The letter should also come from a proper source and should feature a proper format. More »

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Some good ideas for employee incentives include reward incentives, compensation incentives, recognition incentives and appreciation incentives. An event, object, action or item of value is an incentive, and it is intende... More »

Methods for improving employee morale in the workplace include implementing recognition and compensation programs, setting company goals that result in celebrations or similar activities and increasing the emphasis on th... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

Information to include in an employee recognition letter consists of a summary of the actions for which the employee is receiving the accolades, the reasons why the company or manager appreciates the employee's actions a... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

Some features of ADP's payroll services include direct deposit processing, tax filing, new hire reporting, employee access and management of state unemployment insurance, according to the company website. Some other nota... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR