In an employee evaluation meeting, the supervisor and employee may review a written evaluation, discuss the employee's performance and make an action plan going forward. The meeting is often held in private at a predeter... More »

Some types of employee evaluations are top-down evaluations, peer evaluations and self-evaluations. These methods offer different ways to gauge employee productivity and highlight areas that may need improvement. More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

An employee self-evaluation or self-appraisal is a performance review the employee does himself in anticipation of a management performance review. A manager uses the self-appraisal as a starting point to discuss the pro... More »

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An employee evaluation should include the standards and goals for the employee and his job, the supervisor's opinion of whether the employee has met those standards and supporting evidence for that opinion. The superviso... More »

Employee warning sheets, forms and notices typically contain sections to record the names of both the employee and supervisor participating in the action, an area for the supervisor to write in the reason the employee is... More »

When conducting a face-to-face employee evaluation review, there are several personnel reports to have on hand which are helpful in preparing for the meeting. Reports may include a copy of the employee's performance plan... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

Employers typically perform employee evaluations by meeting with the employees and reviewing all relevant records that show the employees' overall performance and productivity. They analyze the employees' personnel file ... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR