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Emily Dickinson is famous for being one of the most prolific American poets and an essential American cultural figure. She is known for her atypical use of syntax and form, as well as her short, poignant verses.


Emily Dickinson’s poem “This Is My Letter to the World” is about the need of writers to write. The speaker in the poem, a figure similar to Dickinson herself, must be heard in a larger context, even though she states that the world “never wrote to me.”


Emily Dickinson, though widely recognized as one of the most important American poets, was unrecognized during her own life time. Posthumous publication revealed her to be an original and prolific poet, whose spare, compressed style had a great influence on the directio...


Emily Dickinson won no literary awards during her lifetime. Although she wrote almost 1,800 poems, fewer than 12 were published in her lifetime, and the first volume of her poetry was not compiled and published until after her death.


Emily Dickinson’s poem “There Is Another Sky” is a reflection on how a spiritual paradise supersedes the fading nature of Earth. However, Dickinson leaves it slightly ambiguous as to what exactly this inner utopia represents; she never names it outright as “heaven”. Sti...


"Apparently With No Surprise" is a short poem by Emily Dickinson, according to enotes. The poem is conceptual more than it is narrative and concerns a flower that, in the language of the poem, is beheaded by frost.


Emily Dickinson's poem "I'm Nobody" has multiple themes, including universal feelings of being on the outside of a group, a rejection of authority and an "us versus them" mentality. It is a popular poem of Dickinson's that was first published in 1891.