Community action organizations, Catholic Charities and the American Red Cross are three organizations that help with emergency utility assistance. Financial assistance is usually available for individuals in a crisis as ... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Emergency assistance is a state program that helps families with children who are facing a housing or utility crisis that lack resources to resolve the crisis. Although limited to 12 months, extensions for emergency assi... More » Technology Mobile

Households who need help paying utility bills can typically get assistance through a variety of community and government programs, including the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, the Salvation Army, utility prov... More » World View Social Sciences
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Financial assistance for single parents includes a number of programs sponsored by the Salvation Army and services provided by Catholic Charities, according to NeedHelpPayingBills. The Salvation Army's programs range fro... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Each state has different organizations designed to help with utility bill payments. For example, Arizona has the Arizona Weatherization Assistance Program and Missouri established the Missouri Low-Income Home Energy Assi... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Widows and widowers get assistance from governmental organizations such as the Social Security Administration and the Survivors and Dependent's Educational Assistance program, and from private organizations such as the A... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Organizations that offer payment assistance for electric bills vary from state to state, but can include many churches, organizations such as the Salvation Army and electric companies themselves. Low Income Home Energy A... More » Government & Politics Social Services