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15 Fun and Interesting Elephant Facts for Kids · 1. There are two types of elephants found in the world · 2. Elephants are the largest living land animal · 3.


HABITAT AND DIET · Home is where the herd is. Asian elephants live in India, Nepal, and parts of Southeast Asia. · Elephants eat all types of vegetation, from ....


Indian Elephant fact sheet is made for you to learn all the greatest facts about these massive, trunked mammals. Learn all about elephants inside!


The primary threats to the African elephant (Loxodonta africana) are habitat loss and fragmentation, commercial ivory poaching, and retaliatory killing.1 Safari ...


African elephants have fuller, more rounded heads. The top of the head is a single dome whereas Asian elephants have a twin-domed head with an indent in the ...


The African elephant is - on land - the heaviest mammal in the world. ... to use this information at school for animal profiles, fact sheets, essays, work sheets, ...


Elephant Facts: Learn more about elephants, an endangered species. Find out where they ... their efforts here. National Geographic African Elephant fact sheet.


Asian Elephant. Fast Facts. DID YOU KNOW? Elephants can use low frequency sound waves for communication between members of the herd and individuals ...


Other threats to African elephants include the loss and degradation of habitat, conflict with humans and habitat loss. EIA: Fighting to Protect Elephants


This is a printable fact sheet that describes the Borneo pygmy elephant. It comes with five discussion questions.