Elementary school photography is a common service option for many types of professional photographers, according to ImagingInfo.com. Portrait studio, sports, event, and wedding photographers can all thrive as school phot... More »

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Become a school portrait photographer by checking the careers section of a school photography company's website or by looking on general job listing sites such as Indeed.com or SimplyHired.com, as of 2015. It is also pos... More »

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Staying organized, not overbooking, setting appropriate prices for services and photographing students in varying poses are several tips for school photographers. It also helps to make the children move around or laugh t... More »

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Elementary school website listings are available through the Great Schools website or through printed material provided by the school. Registration information, school handbooks and other printed materials to parents lis... More »

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A school may take photos of its students as part of its directory information policy, but it must notify parents how the school uses the information and to whom it is disclosed, states the U.S. Department of Education. P... More »

While no specific certifications or qualifications are required to take forensic crime scene photos, typically crime scene photographers hold at least an associate degree in a field such as photography or forensic scienc... More »

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Elementary school kids should spend 10 minutes on homework and studying per grade. For example, a child that is in third grade should spend about 30 minutes studying each evening. More »

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