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This article is in two parts. The first part will look at some of the shifts and trends in theories relating to reading. The second part will examine tips and guidelines for implementing a theory of reading which will help to develop our learners' abilities.




THEORIES OF READING AND IMPLICATIONS FOR TEACHERS E. Marcia Sheridan INDIANA UNIVERSITY AT SOUTH BEND When reading current research, one is overwhelmed by the proliferation of "new" theories of the reading process. The purpose of this paper is to present the prevailing theories of reading comprehension, to ex­


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Intriguingly, Piagetian theory drastically influenced early childhood methods in mathematics and science, but it moderately affected language and literacy instruction. Hence, the ‘reading readiness’ method of the earlier period continued, but it was later modified with new theories.


The second theory, scaffolding, is the act of adjusting the level of support provided in order to best meet each child's abilities. For example, when teaching a new math concept, a teacher would first walk the student through each step to complete the task.


Emergent Literacy Theory. The Emergent Literacy Theory explains early literacy development and provides educators with instructional guidance to promote early literacy growth among their students. Theorists believe that children's development in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing are all interrelated.


6 Elementary Reading Strategies That Really Work. Strategies like choral reading and ear reading improve students’ reading fluency, expand their vocabulary, and increase their confidence. ...


Theories of Reading Instruction 1. THEORIES OF READING INSTRUCTION By: Lenie Mangubat 2. WHY TEACH THEORY GUTKNECHT and KEENAN (1978) stated that “competent reading instructors were able to do more than just follow explicit directions in reading materials.”