Electrostatic filters use polypropylene and polyurethane materials that create static electricity when air particles pass through them. The static electricity attracts and traps the air particles in the filter. More »

To replace a furnace filter, turn off the power to the unit, open the filter access panel, remove the old filter, and slide in a new one. The filter is typically located between the return air and blower, but the exact l... More »

Replacement Payne furnace filters range in size from 12 inches by 20 inches by 4.25 inches to 24 inches by 25 inches by 5 inches. They are available in multiple minimum efficiency reporting value, or MERV, ratings or wit... More »

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Benefits of a Trane CleanEffects air cleaner include the effective removal of allergens and small particles of dust in indoor air, low operating costs and easy-to-clean filters. This air cleaner is easy to install, opera... More »

Electronic air cleaners use a variety of mechanisms to clean the air, including physical filters, ionization and ozone generation. Forced-air units draw room air through a physical filter to trap contaminants, while ioni... More »

Ionic air purifiers, such as the Ionic Breeze Quadra, emit a stream of negatively charged ions that electrify dust, dander and other airborne debris, attracting the particles to positively charged collection plates insid... More »

Bloom Energy's solid oxide fuel cell uses high temperatures to convert hydrocarbon fuel and air into electricity without combustion, corrosive acids, molten materials or precious metals. The electrolyte is a solid, ceram... More »