While electronic pest repellers claim that the sound waves they emit drive away insects and rodents, the scientific research does not suggest that they provide an effective solution. Even the packaging on these devices, ... More »

The BugzOff Electronic Pest Repeller, T3-R Triple High Impact Mice, Rat, Rodent Repeller and the Riddex Plus Plug & Go Pest Repeller System are highly-rated electronic ultrasonic pest control devices. As of 2015, these a... More »

Many electronic pest control devices on have received excellent reviews indicating that they work effectively in most cases; for example, reviews of the Planted Perfect Pro Pest Control, one of the best-sellin... More »

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Riddex Sonic Plus pest repellers are supposed to work by plugging a device into an electric wall socket and then sending a frequency throughout the walls of a home. The frequency purportedly keeps pests away, including m... More »

For mites, aphids, mealybugs and other insects with soft bodies, a good organic spray is one tablespoon canola oil mixed with a few drops Ivory soap sprayed on leaves, notes For grubs, a good organic pest ... More »

Effective control of spiders involves understanding that they are predators and eliminating the insects on which they prey. Glue traps offer a means of reducing the number of spiders. Pesticides are not very effective, a... More »

Tips for home garden pest control include removing weak plants, cleaning up garden debris, mixing plant types, repelling pests with plants or other insects, and building healthy soil. Damp, dark conditions, weak plants a... More »