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But the music is produced by an electronic carillon, not by actual bells. Stationed in the choir room behind the altar of the sanctuary, the ...


We offer two variations of our digital bell systems (or electronic bell systems as they are sometimes called). Our Tempora and Apollo Digital Bell Systems offer ...


The ideal, affordable and easy to use software for creating your own church bell or school bell system. eCarillon can also revive broken carillon systems.


The solution you have been looking for is here. Build your own affordable digital church bell or school bell system or even revive your old broken system.


Electronic carillon is a blanket term used to refer to an automated system which imitates the sound of a carillon. These systems simulate and amplify bell ...


Electronic church bells Urban present a modern alternative to classical church bells, and their capabilities far exceed their traditional counterparts.


Our digital chiming Bell Sound System recreates the sound of traditional bells ... Our electronic bell chiming systems also handle night silencing of church ...


The Coastal Clock and Chime Digital Carillon Instrument is a fully automatic instrument that provides the traditional bell rings of the Church or college ...


Digital systems use modern technology to render true bell sound with no moving parts. They offer the most versatility, the best value and are virtually ...


Check out Church Bells Sound Effects by Sound Ideas on Amazon Music. ... Tenor Church Bell Tuned to "E" Single Ring with Short Ring Off, 0:7, $0.99.


Electronic Bells provide unsurpassed sound quality, are maintenance free, easy to install and use, and are economical alternatives to restoration.