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The Scope of This Website: These pages have been designed as a guide for the DIY homeowner who faces home electrical problems, that is, electric malfunction issues in his/her household electrical wiring system. The site is not mainly oriented to helping with design, installation, or with remodel projects. Some books are better at wiring projects than most websites.


Common Electrical Problems in a Home. Below are some of the most common electrical problems that happen in the wiring system of homes in the U.S. and Canada.


1. Overlamping. What it means: A light fixture has a bulb with a higher wattage than the fixture is designed for. Code violation? Yes. Danger level: High. The bulb's intense heat can scorch or melt the socket and insulation on the fixture's wires, which increases the risk of arcing — sparks that jump through the air from one wire to another — a chief cause of electrical fires.


Circuit breakers are designed to trip when a circuit is overloaded. By shutting off the electrical supply, the breaker prevents wires from overheating and potentially starting a fire. Breakers can also trip when they become old.


More about Electrical Troubleshooting. Checking Light Fixture Wiring Connections; How to Fix Your Light Fixture and Dimmer Switch Wiring Problems: The Most Common Problems with Light Fixtures and Dimmer Switches and How to Fix Them.


If an outlet shows burned or blackened marks, it should be replaced, as it could indicate further electrical outlet problems. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Dennis M.,


Check for Simple Solutions First. Shortly after moving into our house, we had an electrical problem. The exterior outlets and bathroom lights didn’t work.


Electrical Problems. I have been having problems with some of my light fixtures. I recently moved into this home. 1. One of my bulbs exploded (it was the wrong type).


Electrical issues are a mystery to many DIYers, as well as some technicians. I think it's because you really can't see or touch electricity in the same way you can with other working components on your vehicle.


Electrical problems can be dangerous for you, your house and your electrical equipment. The first step to troubleshooting one, whether it's an outage, flickering lights or power surge, is to ask ...