An electric water heater heats and stores the home's hot water supply. These units use one or more electrical resistance heating elements to supply the heat. A thermostat senses the water temperature and regulates the po... More » Home & Garden Appliances

Home improvement stores, brand websites and appliance stores sell electric water heaters online. Discount department stores and online retailers also sometimes sell electric water heaters. More » Home & Garden Appliances

Reliance electric water heaters can be purchased online from discount mass retailers such as as well as from specialty home improvement stores such as Essential Hardware. The Reliance website also contains a l... More » Home & Garden Appliances
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A water heater stores, heats and supplies hot water to multiple fixtures, such as a laundry machine, shower and sink, while a boiler is responsible for the heating of the entire house. Simply put, a water heater supplies... More » Home & Garden Appliances

After removing and draining the old water heater, hooking up new flex pipe segments, connecting to the gas supply (unless the heater is electric) and linking to the water supply complete replacement of a hot water heater... More » Home & Garden Appliances

American Standard water heaters can be purchased online through mass retailers such as Amazon, through auction sites such as eBay and from hardware and home supply stores such as Home Depot. The American Standard website... More » Home & Garden Appliances

To size a water heater for a house, a homeowner needs to know how many people live in the home and the family's hot water usage patterns. Average household usage for a family of four requires a 40-gallon hot water heater... More » Home & Garden Appliances