As of 2015, the top three recommendations for electric scooters for adults are the Super Turbo 1000-watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter, the Super Lithium 1300 Brushless Electric Scooter and the Uberscoot 1000w Electric Scoo... More » Vehicles

Some of the best makers of electric scooters include Go-Ped, Evo, X-Treme and e-Zip, according to Segway, Razor and Go Motorboard are also popular, well-regarded brands. More » Vehicles

Find replacement parts for an electric scooter from, and Check the available listings, select the right replacement part, and place an order. More » Vehicles
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As of September 2015, Walmart sells a wide range of electric scooters, including seated and standing electric scooters designed for children's play as well as seated electric scooters designed for adults with mobility ch... More » Vehicles

Rascal scooter models include the Mega Motion Rascal 8 3-wheel Scooter, the Rascal Eco 4 Mobility Scooter and the Rascal 388 4-wheel Electric Scooter. Rascal produces a wide range of other mobility scooters as well. More » Vehicles

Honda Elite scooters include the Elite 125, Honda's first four-stroke motor scooter, and the Elite 80 and Elite 150 and 250 four-stroke models, which Honda introduced in 1985. The Elite LX and Elite SR, Honda's last stre... More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

The Winnebago Navion, Thor Four Winds and Thor Freedom Elite are all rated highly among Class C motorhomes by experts and owners. Like all Class C motorhomes, these vehicles are constructed using truck or van chassis wit... More » Vehicles