An electric soup kettle is a pot that keeps soup, or any other liquid, warm by the means of electricity. Electric soup kettles are commonly used in restaurants and hotels to keep large amounts of soup hot for hours. More » Home & Garden Appliances Small Kitchen Appliances

The typical components of an electric kettle include a heating element, a thermostat, and an electric cord. First created as a means to boil water without the need for a stove-top, electric kettles are commonly construct... More »

The first electric kettle is thought to have been invented by Compton and Co. in 1891. Inventors struggled with creating an efficient electric kettle until 1922 when a kettle with an internal heating element was invented... More »

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Electric kettles work through a shielded heating element, activated when the kettle is plugged into an outlet. They shut themselves off automatically when the water reaches a specific temperature, boiling water faster th... More »

As of 2015, the two Copco tea kettle recalls were due to a lid coming loose during handling and a loose kettle handle. Both of the recalls occurred due to damage to the product after parts became loose, with some causing... More » Home & Garden Appliances Small Kitchen Appliances

Contemporary tea kettle designs can be found on design trend websites and design award sites like Design Milk. In today's market, there is a niche for common household objects that have been redesigned as art, and tea ke... More » Home & Garden Appliances Small Kitchen Appliances

One of the best electric kettles is the Chef's Choice cordless electric glass kettle #679, which is available from the Chef's Choice website, according to Good Housekeeping. The Saeco electric kettle #101167 is also a to... More » Home & Garden Appliances Small Kitchen Appliances