Consumer Search and Best Consumer Reviews list the Wahl Chrome Pro as the best hair clipper, as of 2015. Second on Consumer Search's list is the Oster 76, and second in place for Best Consumer Reviews is the Andis Promot... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

The Sleek Cut rated the Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper from Wahl and the Andis Ceramic BGRC Professional Detachable Blade Hair Clipper as two of the cordless hair clippers that work best. These were reviewed based on their... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hairstyling Tools

A cordless hair clipper is a battery-powered device used for cutting human hair. It often comes with a set of attachments of various lengths called guards. These are used for controlling the length of the hair. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hairstyling Tools
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Some lightweight types of luggage include Briggs & Riley Transcend roller bags, Samsonite xSpace spinner bags and the Victorinox Luggage Avolve carry-on bags, states the Good Housekeeping, CBS News and Consumer Search we... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

The Delsey Helium 19-inch Carry-On Trolley Case is ranked by Consumer Search and Good Housekeeping as one of the best travel suitcases, as of 2015. Consumer Search also lists the Samsonite Luggage Silhouette Sphere Expan... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

To tie a gypsy scarf on your head, lay the scarf out flat, fold it in half to create a triangle, place the scarf on top of your head, and tie the corners of the triangle at the nape of the neck. Knot the ends again, and ... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

To tie a traditional African head wrap, stretch the wrap around the back of the neck, then bring one side across the front of the head and the other side over the top of the head before wrapping both sides around the bac... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories