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Many people have heard about the electoral college but are not sure what it means. It is used during presidential elections in the United States and determines the outcome of those elections.


Generally, members of the Electoral College cast all of the votes for the presidential candidate that receives the most votes in their respective states. There are a few states, however, that permit electoral votes to be split.


The Electoral College is a process that creates a buffer between a president's election through Congress and the vote of the American people. It was established by the nation's Founding Fathers.


The primary difference between the popular vote and the electoral college is that one represents the actual votes received by a candidate and the other represents the votes cast by a state. How a state casts its electoral votes is directly influenced by the popular vote.


The Electoral College is a process established for the purpose of electing U.S. presidents in which each state and the District of Columbia have a certain number of electoral votes, based on the number of U.S. Representatives and Senators from the state. Electors are chosen from each state and cast


The number of senators each state has and the number of representatives each state has determine the amount of electoral votes each state is granted. Each state has two senators. The number of representatives each state has depends on its population. The 23rd Amendment of the Constitution gave Washi


The number of electors each state has is equal to the number of representatives it has in Congress — both the Senate and the House of Representatives combined. The least possible number of electors from any given state is three, one for each of the two senators and one for a single representative.


A party in the electorate refers to people who vote for the candidates from one given party. Individuals belonging to a political party are known to be registered as members of the party, work for the party’s candidate and identify with the party. A party in the electorate simply means a political o


As of 2014, the number of electoral votes in the U.S. Electoral College is 538. Candidates elected president must win a majority, or at least 270 votes.


The number of state electors to the Electoral College is determined by the number of senators and representatives each state is entitled to in Congress, according to the National Constitution Center. The electoral system for president only applies to the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia,