An elder law attorney specializes in legal matters that affect older or disabled people. The majority of his work includes planning long-term care, health care issues, guardianship and retirement, according to FindLaw. More » Government & Politics Law

According to, questions to ask an elder care attorney include those on subjects on when to plan for managing an elderly parent's affairs, how to begin such a conversation with an elderly parent and how to addres... More » Government & Politics Law

An elder lawyer specializes in legal matters that directly affect aging Americans. These matters include probate law, estate planning, health care and guardianship concerns, according to the legal resource site More » Government & Politics Law
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An attorney letter of representation is a document that authorizes a lawyer to represent a client in certain legal matters and/or in a court of law, notes FindLaw, a legal website serviced by Thomson Reuters. The letter ... More » Government & Politics Law

A power of attorney form is the official paper that grants another individual the rights to make decisions regarding financial and property matters, according to the Minnesota Judicial Branch. The person on the form exon... More » Government & Politics Law

Power of attorney is a broad term that refers to any agreement between a principal and an "attorney-in-fact" who can act on the principal's behalf in health or legal matters, states Cornell's Legal Information Institute.... More » Government & Politics Law

According to, Lady Justice is blindfolded to represent her impartiality in matters of justice and the law. Her statue is also referred to as Blind Justice and the Scales of Justice. More » Government & Politics Law