Egypt has had some form of government in place since approximately 3000 BC, when the pharaohs ruled the country. Assyrians, Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Arabs, Ottomans and the British have all at one point governed Eg... More » Government & Politics Foreign Laws

Egypt rests in Northern Africa, situated between the Libya and the Gaza Strip and sharing borders with the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea and the Sinai Peninsula. Egypt belongs to the African continent, but like many Nor... More » Geography Africa

King Khufu, called Cheops by the Greeks, is most famous in Egyptian history for building the Great Pyramid at Giza, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Khufu was the second pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty of Anc... More » History Ancient History Ancient Egypt
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Zoning Improvement Plan codes range from 11511 to 11668 in Cairo, Egypt. Every city in Egypt has several different ZIP codes. The digits in the ZIP code signify the region, the province and the postal office serving the ... More » Government & Politics Foreign Laws

According to the Central Intelligence Agency, Egypt's government is a republic comprised of 27 governorates and a president. The government has been in a somewhat constant state of revision since the citizen-lead revolut... More » Government & Politics Foreign Laws

The CIA's World Factbook defines a head of state as an individual who represents a government in a symbolic fashion but does not oversee the daily activities of a country. A head of government, on the other hand, oversee... More » Government & Politics Foreign Laws

The modern Chinese government is tasked with maintaining its centralized authority, managing the country’s economy, and administering the government’s enormous bureaucracy. The Chinese government has a long tradition of ... More » Government & Politics Foreign Laws