The East Asia summer monsoons bring moist, warm air to the region in the form of rain. This rainfall significantly effects China's economy and society. This is because it constitutes the bulk of the rain received by Chin... More »

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The summer monsoon brings heavy rains and creates a moisture-rich atmosphere, while the winter monsoon generates long periods of dry and arid conditions. The summer monsoon generally begins in April and lasts through lat... More »

The nation of China, or the People's Republic of China, is located in the region of East Asia. It is one of the easternmost countries on the Asian continent, bordering 14 different sovereign states, including Russia and ... More »

The climate in China varies depending on the season and the region. The climate can be freezing with mountains covered in snow during certain months, while in other regions it can be dry and humid, depending on the time ... More » Geography Asia East Asia

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