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According to WebMD, untreated periodontal disease, an oral disease that affects the gums and teeth, can increase the chances of coronary artery disease. Certain studies have indicated individuals with disease-causing bacteria in their mouths are more likely to develop clogged carotid arteries, a con


The cause of a rotten egg taste in the mouth is hydrogen sulfide. The rotten egg taste is similar to the smell of sulfur. Humans get this taste when they eat foods that are high in sulfur.


The most common source of a rotten egg smell in residential structures is a natural gas leak. Though natural gas itself is composed primarily of methane, which has no odor, gas companies use an additive known as mercaptan to provide an early warning for homeowners


An avocado is rotten if it's black on the outside and, when pressed with a finger, leaves an indentation mark. However, when an avocado is cut and the insides are either brown or black, this is another telltale sign that an avocado is not good to eat. When buying an avocado, it should be slightly fi


Sulfur present in groundwater can seep into wells and other standing bodies of water and cause a smell often described as similar to rotten eggs or to other rotting proteinmatter. Sulfur is largely benign in drinking water, except for the negative effect it can have on certain metals and the smell t


According to Ala Moana Dental Care, a dead tooth is any tooth that has permanent damage to its inner nerve. Trauma, decay, excessive clenching of the teeth and gum disease can all result in the death of a tooth. It is important for patients to explore treatment options to prevent an unchecked infect


Mixing chlorine solution to well water, installing an activated carbon filtration system or an oxidation-filtration system directly to the water source are some tips to remove the rotten egg smell from water. These methods are not permanent solutions and may need replacement or repetition to ensure


To replace rotten window trim, remove the trim and its securing nails from the window, cut a new trim to four pieces according to the dimensions of the window, nail them in place of the old ones, and caulk the new trim. Paint the trim to create color uniformity.


Different tooth diseases include anodontia, hypodontia, dental caries and dental abscesses, according to the National Organization for Rare Disorders, the National Institutes of Health, MedlinePlus and WebMD. Anodontia is a rare disorder where a person never develops teeth, says the National Organiz


Tooth pain can be caused by decay, damaged dental fillings, repetitive motions, infected gums, fractures and abscesses, according to WebMD. Tooth discomfort varies from sharp, stabbing pain to throbbing pain.