A bachelor's degree, an educator's license or teacher certifications are the minimum levels of education and credentials an individual must possess in order to teach in any of the 50 states. Some states require prospecti... More » Education Colleges & Universities

A special education teacher needs a bachelor's degree and a certification or license to teach in a public or private school setting. Many states also require students to complete a teaching internship. It can take up to ... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

A high school diploma and associate's degree are basic requirements to teach preschool, according to Education Portal. In certain instances, a bachelor's degree is preferred. Experience is necessary to become a teacher. ... More » Family Parenting
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In order to become a certified teacher in Texas as of 2015, a person must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited college, complete a state-approved educator preparation program and pass all required certification ex... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

In order to earn a teacher certificate, an individual needs to earn a bachelor's degree, complete a teacher preparation program, complete a student teaching experience and pass a teaching certification test. A teaching c... More » Education Colleges & Universities

The minimum education requirement for becoming a teacher is a bachelor's degree, which typically takes four years to earn. Teachers usually take education classes and participate in student teaching, which adds another y... More »

Civil engineers need at least a bachelor's degree to secure work; for advanced positions and more complex work, they often need a master's degree, and may need to obtain a license before practicing, depending on state re... More » Education Colleges & Universities