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Free online education courses and programs are available from KhanAcademy.org, EdX.org and CourseRA.org. Available courses cover topics including computer science, math, history, psychology and physics. There are courses that are self-paced as well as courses that follo...


Continuing education courses for nurses are available online. Regardless of a nurse's designation, a desired course for receiving continuing education credits is usually available from reputable institutions.


Start an online hunter education course by selecting a state-approved educational provider, registering online at the provider's website, indicating the state hosting the hunting activities and paying for the course. The course can take up to six hours and typically inc...


Online educational activities are typically games or drills geared toward elementary and middle school students. They cover subjects such as math, reading, science, social studies and critical thinking skills, among others.


Some courses in special education include those that focus on teaching strategies for a specific type of disability, psychology behind learning disabilities and instructional design. Although special education courses are found in both undergraduate and graduate teacher...


Khan Academy, the Goodwill Community Foundation and Coursera offer free educational courses online. These three sites offer a variety of courses and subjects for anyone to join and use.


Some advantages of online education include self-paced learning, the opportunity to enhance career knowledge and skills while employed, and lower tuition, says Huffington Post. New, engaging and innovative learning mediums and the lack of a commute are additional benefi...