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There are several definitions of adult education, but one refers to the learning undertaken by people who return to learning as adults, after completing some form of education in their youth. Adult education is not necessarily to prepare people for life, but to help them improve and live more succes


Defining educational goals is a process which involves identifying objectives, selecting attainable short-term goals and formulating a plan for attaining these goals. Educational goals are different for each individual.


According to Dictionary.com, education is the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life. Scholarly institutions, such as universities and public schools, are typically us


According to University of Illinois, educable mentally retarded people are of below-average mental function with an adult mental age between eight and 12 years who can learn academic subjects up to a sixth grade level. This is the highest functional level among those considered to be mentally retard


Physical education is the teaching of healthy, active lifestyles to students. Often called gym or P.E., physical education is a common requirement throughout elementary and junior high school. It is often required in higher levels of education as well, such as high school and college or university.


The 1920s were part of an era in education called the progressive era, which involved student-centered learning and a collectivist focus on using education to help reform society. During this era, more students began attending high school as cities expanded how many schools were available, and there


Management education is an academic discipline by which students are taught to be business leaders, managers and university professors in business education, according to Capella University. People who earn a doctorate in management education become consultants, academic deans of a business program


Health education is important to teach children awareness about living a healthy lifestyle. Health education encompasses social, mental, physical and social health.


Physical education refers to the instruction of physical activities and games in school. Physical education has many benefits for elementary and high schools students.


Business education, which encompasses several disciplines, enables people to think, speak and behave in ways that support the growth, efficiency and effectiveness of an organization or several organizations. Specific objectives vary by educational institution, specialty, and, in the case of corporat