Oven-roasted edamame, cold edamame salad and edamame hummus are three popular edamame recipes. Cooks can use defrosted, canned or fresh shelled edamame to make each recipe. More » Food Cooking

According to SFGate, the nutrition content and low calories in edamame make them good for humans to consume. Edamame are immature soybeans eaten on their own as snacks or mixed into other recipes. Immaturity makes them s... More » Food Food Facts Fruits & Veggies

One good edamame salad recipe is Alton Brown's roasted edamame salad from Another is the edamame-black bean salad recipe from Both recipes are easy to make and have received several pos... More » Food Cooking
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A recipe for cold bow tie pasta salad is Jamie Deen's, which cooks pasta with edamame, carrots and broccoli before draining and combining in a bowl with shredded mozzarella and cherry tomatoes. Toss this with a dressing ... More » Food Cooking

From mint and fruit smoothies and peanut butter-jelly-banana burritos to French toast and hummus, there are many simple recipes that kids can follow. Easy bread and raspberry squares are also perfect for junior chefs. More » Food Cooking

Some recipes from Cityline are pea and mint dip; beer-battered zucchini blossoms; and hummus, red bean and kale pesto. Some main dish recipes available include Niagara cherry-glazed chicken breast, honey roasted salmon w... More » Food Cooking

French onion dip, cucumber-dill dip, pico de gallo and hummus are good dip recipes. Combine the ingredients, blend and chill to make most of them. More » Food Cooking