Echostar codes are used to program the remote to control the television. This allows the remote to control the television functions. More » Technology Television & Video

Sansui remote codes are three- or four-digit codes that are input to a universal remote control, enabling the remote to operate electronic products sold by the company Sansui. Sansui makes televisions of various kinds th... More » Technology Television & Video

As of 2014, Samsung remote control codes are available from the troubleshooting guide located in the "Get Support" section of the official Samsung website. From "Connections and Setup," click on "Remote Control Setup" an... More » Technology Television & Video
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Vizio remote codes allow Vizio universal remotes to work with just about any type of television. Entering the code for the right type of TV activates the remote and enables it to control the TV. More » Technology Television & Video

The most common codes for programming a universal remote to operate with a Panasonic television are 100, 101, 125 and 130. Following the instructions of the universal remote manufacturer makes it easy to enter these code... More » Technology Television & Video

Xfinity Remote codes are used to program the remote controls used on the cable boxes to work television sets. These codes vary according to the brand of the television, and use a specific procedure that inputs the code f... More » Technology Television & Video

There are 11 blink codes built into a Panasonic television, as of 2015, all of which relay the fault diagnostic circuit's detection of errors within the TV. The blink codes vary from two blinks up to 12 blinks, each indi... More » Technology Television & Video