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Option 1 - Borrow a Hi8/8mm camcorder from a friend or relative for temporary use (Free - if you have access to one). Option 2 - Buy an inexpensive HI8 (or a Digital8 camcorder that has the ability to also playback analog Hi8 and 8mm) camcorder or miniDV camcorder to play your tapes back. Check Amazon or eBay for used units.


How to Digitize VHS/Hi8/Digital 8/8 Tapes to DVD Movies Easy! (+ DVC100 Method With VirtualDub) ... Video Tapes to Digital Computer (8mm Hi8 DVD Canon ... HOW TO TRANSFER VHS TAPES TO YOUR ...


Home movies stored on old tapes or film can be tricky to transfer to a modern format. Consumer Reports tells you how to convert film or VHS to digital.


Our video tape to DVD transfer service is the best way to convert all your VHS, Hi-8, Vhs-C, Mini-Dv tapes and more to DVDs and digital files. The easiest and fastest way to digitize your video tapes.


Roxio Easy VHS to DVD makes it easy to transfer video from VHS tapes or analog camcorders to DVD. Create and share online photo stories with fun effects and music directly from Roxio Easy VHS to DVD. ...


What Equipment Do I Need to Convert a Hi8 Tape to DVD? A Hi8 camera and a standalone DVD recorder or a computer with a video-capture card and video capture software, along with audio-video or S-video cables and a blank DVD, are needed to convert a Hi8 tape to DVD. ... Easy Way to Transfer Hi8 Tapes Transfer Hi8 Tapes Dvd Player Advice Hi8 Tape ...


The first is the Hi8 analog video format while the second is the Digital8 digital format. Both use the same sized tapes, making it easy to move a tape from one device to the other (a Digital8 tape can be used in a Hi8 video camera but a Hi8 tape is unable to be used in a Digital8 camera and record in digital).


An iMac computer has free software that can capture and edit video from a camcorder. You can transfer the video from a HI8mm camcorder by attaching its video output to the iMac. The iMac can then use its software to activate the camcorder, play the 8mm video and transfer it to the hard drive as a digital file. The ...


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