Kraft has a lentil soup recipe that only takes four ingredients. Epicurious magazine has a French lentil soup recipe that is more complex but is still relatively easy. More » Food Cooking

A recipe for creamy tomato soup, developed by Rachel Ray, takes 20 minutes to make and combines chicken broth, canned crushed tomatoes, heavy cream and spices. First, cook the chicken broth and tomatoes in a saucepan unt... More » Food Cooking

The Shaker bean soup from Taste of Home is easy to make and yields about 20 servings. To make it, cooks prepare great northern beans with vegetables and seasonings in a Dutch oven or crock pot. More » Food Cooking
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A recipe for easy zucchini soup is featured on the popular food site, and uses five simple ingredients. Following this recipe, cooks can create a basic creamy soup with 2 pounds of fresh zucchini, butter, ... More » Food Cooking

A copycat version of Carraba's lentil soup with sausage is featured at Epicurious and uses 1 1/2 cups dry lentils combined with 1 1/4 pounds mild Italian sausage, assorted chopped vegetables and spices. This highly rated... More » Food Cooking offers a simple cream of crab soup recipe that calls for ingredients such as butter, onion, flour, milk, crab meat and Old Bay seasoning. Preparation time is about 45 minutes total. More » Food Cooking

A quick and easy tiramisu recipe for beginners is Kraft's fast and easy tiramisu. This recipe only requires instant coffee, ladyfingers, cream cheese, cool whip and cocoa powder. More » Food Cooking