Easy short stories for ESL students include fables and tales with moral lessons, such as "The Foolish Donkey," "The Fox and the Grapes" and "The Golden Goose." Zen stories such as "Making a Difference" and "When Truth Da... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

Tall tales are stories filled with unbelievable elements that are presented as facts. Examples of tall tales include stories about the legendary feats of Paul Bunyan, Davy Crockett, Johnny Appleseed, Casey Jones and Anni... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

Find some funny short stories at, and Find collections of short stories including animal stories, Aesop's fables, mythological stories and witty tales at English-For... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction
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Some well-known, humorous short stories include "Mark Twain on the First Woman in Nevada" and J.D. Salinger's "A Perfect Day for Bananafish." "Baa Baa Black Sheep" is another well-known comical story that explores the pe... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

Some acclaimed short stories written by teenagers include "Dreaming of Stars" by Helen Copp and "The Shortest Short Story in the History of Short Stories of All Time Ever" by Adam Schorin. These are award-winning stories... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

Ruskin Bond has written over 500 short stories, published in collections such as "The Night Train at Deoli," "Time Stops at Shamli" and "Secrets." Vishal Bhardwaj adapted Bond's famous short story, ?Susanna?s Seven Husba... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

ESL conversation-based lessons consist of planned exercises designed to engage students in meaningful conversation in English. Lessons improve conversational skills and often involve activities such as storytelling, role... More » Education