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To determine your face shape, use a tape measure to record the width of your cheekbones, your jaw line and your forehead. Also measure the length of your face. Compare your measurements to the following guidelines.


Some commonly-known shapes are squares, circles, triangles, stars and rectangles. There are many different kinds of polygons used in geometry and many shapes that combine or arrange multiple polygons to be used in designs.


Three-dimensional shapes are solid shapes that exist in three dimensions, which include length, width and depth. The main difference between 3-D shapes and 1-D or 2-D shapes is that depth is incorporated along a third axis outside of the original 2-D plane.


The sun is almost a perfectly round sphere. The sun is the one of the roundest natural objects ever measured, according to scientists at the University of Hawaii.


There are five primary shapes of bacteria found in nature: coccus, spirillum, vibria, bacillus and spirachaetes. These shapes can be found in a variety of configurations that help identify the bacterial species.


The shape of Euglena resembles an elongated or spindle-shaped cell that is 15 to 500 micrometers, or 0.0006 to 0.02 inches, in length. Some species can change their shape as they lack a rigid cellulose wall, and instead have a flexible pellicle.


The molecule BeCl2 is described as having a linear shape because the atoms have bonded at a 180-degree angle. This creates the appearance of a straight line.