Easy science fair projects include walking on eggs without breaking them and testing helmet effectiveness by using melons. Other fun and easy projects include using taco sauce as a cleaner and building a rocket with a fi... More » Education K-12

Ideas for a science fair project can be found on websites such as Science Buddies, NASA and Science Fair Extravaganza. The science fair ideas are grouped by topic and level of difficulty. More » Education K-12

Easy science fair projects for high school students include testing whether tea stains teeth and testing how certain environments affect seed germination. Another project tests what materials make the best hot air balloo... More » Education Homework Help
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Craters and Meteorites, The Strength of an Electromagnet and The Bouba-Kiki Effect are examples of science fair projects from as of 2015. Other Science Buddies projects include May the Best Plant Win, ... More » Education K-12

Discovering whether brand-name or generic batteries last longer and determining whether an individual's dominant hand is more sensitive than the other hand make good science fair projects. The former experiment requires ... More » Education K-12

Examples of science fair projects can be found on Science Buddies, and Discovery Education. These sites feature numerous projects on multiple science themes, such as chemistry, life science and biology. More » Education K-12

Some good ideas for science fair projects include recording the effects of different foods on the human heart rate, observing the influence of phrasing questions differently on the answers they elicit, paper airplane eng... More » Education K-12