The American Egg Board provides an easy recipe for cheese quiche. The recipe requires around 10 minutes of preparation and about 40 minutes of baking time. More »

The any-flavor mini quiche recipe from MidWest Living is easy to follow, and it offers great flexibility in its ingredient list. Use whatever types of cheese, vegetables or meat you have at hand to create these mini quic... More »

Two simple ham quiche recipes featured on are Ham and Cheese Quiche and Easy Broccoli and Ham Quiche. Reviewers praise both recipes for their ease of preparation and tastiness. More »

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Ina Garten's recipe for quiche is goat cheese tart made from eggs, heavy cream, flour, butter and soft goat cheese. This recipe starts with a buttery crust and contains an eggy, creamy, cheesy filling with fresh herbs. More »

Crustless quiche recipes are available on, and Food Network's master quiche recipe is a plain quiche recipe with suggestions for customizing it. Epicurious' recipe is for cru... More »

To prepare a straightforward quiche dish, bake a 9-inch premade pie shell for 12 minutes and fill it with a mixture of eggs, onions, ham, salt and pepper and any other vegetables or meat desired. Return the filled pastry... More »

An easy recipe for deviled eggs is Kraft’s easy deviled eggs. Begin by cutting 12 hard-cooked eggs in half and removing the yolks. Place the yolks in a small bowl. More »