As of 2015, BBC One offers recent full episodes of Eastenders online for United Kingdom residents only. Users can watch previews, catch ups, short clips, interviews and back-stage insights. More » Art & Literature

Older "EastEnders" episodes are not available for purchase. However, fans of the show can watch clips from classic episodes on YouTube. More » Art & Literature

Vision TV offers past episodes of "EastEnders" for streaming on its website,, as of 2015. Online viewing is only available for users in valid locations. The site has episodes from the most recent months of th... More » Art & Literature

Users can stream full episodes of Lifetime shows online for free by signing into the Lifetime website, as of 2015. Users must be a subscriber of one of the TV providers that offer the service, and there are many TV provi... More » Art & Literature

It is possible to watch full episodes of AMC's TV drama series, "The Walking Dead". As of June 2015, four full episodes from the program's fourth season are available on the channel's website at and require viewe... More » Art & Literature

There are full episodes of "Basketball Wives" and "Basketball Wives LA" that are free to watch on, although there are exceptions. Every episode of in all five seasons of "Basketball Wives" is free, but only selec... More » Art & Literature offers full episodes of "Gunsmoke" for free, as of 2015. The site streams five episodes at any given time, rotating out each episode every so often so another episode can take its place. More » Art & Literature