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Earth Scientists focus on today's pressing challenges to society: earthquake risk, water resource availability, natural resources and sustainability, and societal ...


Mastering. Applications and Investigations in Earth Science, 9th Edition. Tarbuck, Lutgens & Tasa. 2019. Available. Mastering. Earth Science, 15th Edition.


Academic programs in the Earth Sciences at undergraduate and graduate levels alike combine research outdoors and in the lab.


Earth Science makes high-performing natural and organic lawn, garden, and soil care products designed to work with nature, not against it.


The goal of Rice University's Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences is to bring together the creative power of Houston's energy, ...


Earth Science Literacy Principles are defined by the scientists who carry out active research in many areas of Earth science and explain the complexities of how ...


Earth Science & Observation Center. We advance scientific and societal understanding of the Earth System based on innovative remote sensing research .


High quality, cutting-edge science in the areas of astrophysics, space physics, solid planetary geoscience, and Earth systems.


Students interested in environmental problems, teaching earth science in public schools, or wishing to pursue graduate work in either geography or geology will ...


Earth Sciences and Geo-Hazards Risk Reduction. Participants of IGCP 470. Arouca UNESCO Global Geopark, Portugal. Responsible for providing the ...


The College of Science and Department of Earth Science are committed to keeping our students and employees safe. Following are some steps we are taking to ...