Registered voters who want to vote early in Ohio can usually cast their votes in their county's Board of Elections Office. The address and contact information of the 88 counties in Ohio can be found on the County Boards ... More » Government & Politics Politics Elections

As of 2015, citizens may use any early voting location to cast an early vote, according to the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners. Dozens of these locations exist, and some are going to be more convenient than other... More » Government & Politics Politics Elections

Obtain sample voting ballots for Ohio by visiting each county's Board of Elections' website. For example, Franklin County's Board of Elections website allows voters to enter their addresses to find both sample ballots an... More » Government & Politics Politics Elections

Harris County’s registered voters may vote prior to Election Day during the early voting period at one of the county's early voting sites, which the local government will announce on March 1, 2016. Until that date, there... More » Government & Politics Politics Elections

Election candidates often focus on getting votes from Ohio because it is a swing state. Ohio, along with Virginia, Florida and Texas, is called a swing state because its citizens do not historically vote Republican or De... More »

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