Certain inmates can request parole in order to earn early release from prison, explains Lawyers.com. Parolees must adhere to certain conditions and restrictions to remain eligible for parole. Federal inmates convicted of... More »

Bernard Hopkins served five years of an 18-year prison sentence for a variety of different petty crimes. Those crimes included a number of small robberies as well as an assault. More »

Defined by pop culture events, such as the Milli Vanilli lip sync scandal and the release of the first "Harry Potter" book, to political events, including the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr., President Bill Clinton'... More »

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In legal terms, "25 to life" means a prisoner is sentenced to a life term in prison but can become eligible for parole after serving 25 years. It is a way of establishing a clear minimum sentence without completely remov... More »

A life sentence in prison varies depending on the crime and whether or not the sentence was life in prison with or without parole. Prisoners sentenced to life without parole may be incarcerated until their deaths. More »

The Marion County inmate list contains a roster of all inmates currently incarcerated, an abbreviated inmate roster, daily jail bookings, a roster of all those currently serving in the work center, and a roster of all th... More »

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Some prison release programs are state and federal housing voucher grant programs, resume writing, job-search assistance services and social mentoring. Re-entry programs exist to aid prisoners both after release and whil... More »

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