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Prostate cancer · Frequent nighttime urination · Weak urine flow · Painful urination · Trouble getting or maintaining an erection · Painful ejacu...


For some men, the symptoms may be severe enough to need treatment. Unfortunately, there are no early warning signs for prostate cancer.


Frequent urination or frequent urge to pass urine. · Passing urine more often than usual, particularly at night. · Pain, discomfort or burning sensation when ...


Read a blog by Dr. Amit explaining the warning signs and early screening of prostate cancer as it's the only way to detect and treat the disease.


Stages I & II: The tumor has not spread beyond the prostate. This is often called “early stage” or “localized” prostate cancer. Stage III: Cancer has spread ...


Since many forms of cancer are treatable if the cancer is detected early, it's important to pay attention to all of the possible warning signs.


Therefore, the disease has few early warning signs and can remain silent for years. Prepare yourself to discuss your prostate health with your doctor by ...


Dec 16, 2017 ... In this article, we cover 11 early warning signs that you could potentially have prostate cancer. Here's what to watch out for.


Knowing what symptoms to look for can help your doctor find cancer early when ... In fact, prostate cancer–the most common cancer in men–has some of the ...


Jun 22, 2021 ... Prostate cancer doesn't usually come with symptoms and most men are diagnosed via a ... adding that "caught early (it is) 99% treatable.


Jan 30, 2021 ... World Cancer Day 2021: Early warning signs for prostate cancer would lead to an early diagnosis.